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Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I would like to share a new starategy I learned from world famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson. In his recent book, "Take The Risk" he suggests a four way test for decision-making that is applicable to every endeavor in life. I suggest you check out a copy of the worthwhile book,go from there.


A market evaluation for a buyer BEFORE they make an offer? Wow, its been a long time since I've even heard that. Amen. Seems so obvious but consumers no longer want to take an agent's word for it. Show me the data to back up your opinion. Talk is cheap, show me the statistics. Great advice, seems the agent community conveniently forgot about this essential step to help them justify such a large purchase. How can an agent justify value on such a large fee without providing more than I can get on Zillow for free. The bar needs to be raised in value delivery (or the fee needs to go waaay down). Can't wait to see how this materializes as a consumer offering. The marketplace is ready.

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